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Extracting value from managers

Three funds find effective ways to get better value from staff, co-investment and private markets. The Danish ATP, Australian Sunsuper and the Teachers Retirement System of Texas are among the funds looking at innovative ways to extract value and interact with the managers of their private equity allocations. Institutional investors are increasingly seeking new ways […]
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Limited partners hold fee-bargaining power

In a harsh capital-raising climate, ATP Private Equity Partners and TRS have different startegies on how to drive hard bargains on private equity fees. Institutional investors are gaining concessions on private equity management fees, with a near-record number of funds on the road seeking funds resulting in a shift in bargaining power to limited partners. […]
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Texas launches quarterly reports for flagship fund

The Teachers Retirement System of Texas (TRS) has outlined a set of five investment performance measurement priorities, which include a new detailed quarterly report for the internally actively managed $19.9 billion global best-ideas flagship fund, and incorporating external managers’ signals into the investment process to enhance performance.