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300 Club roots for stewardship over salesmanship

The 300 Club is a rare group that combines long-term thinking and asset management provision. Taking on an industry that is evolving from client-driven to product-driven, the 300 Club is proposing a fundamental mindset shift from short-term salesmanship to long-term stewardship. In this paper, chief investment officer of Kempen Capital Management in the Netherlands, Lars […]
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Rethink remuneration

Institutional investors around the world have been lobbying for the right to have a say on pay, a right to have an input into the remuneration of the executives in the companies they invest in. In June the UK’s business secretary, Vince Cable, laid out new plans that will give shareholders three-yearly votes on executive […]
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Asset managers raise alarm

Popular movements seem more likely to emanate from camped-out protesters than boardrooms, but a new organisation headed by Hermes Fund Managers acting chief executive officer Saker Nusseibeh has the ambitious aim of radically reforming the investment industry.