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APG and NYC talk Amazon push back

Two of the world’s most influential institutional investors are hitting a brick wall in their attempts to engage with Amazon’s board on workplace safety. Every time the Netherland's APG and the office of New York City Comptroller, fiduciary to New York city’s five pension funds, try to engage with the board at the tech giant in which they own a combined $6.5 billion they get push back from management.

Ugo Bassi focuses on transparency at ICGN

For many people their most memorable in situ news moment is when man landed on the moon or when John Lennon, Princess Diana or Michael Jackson died. But most Italians will remember where they were when Pope Benedict XVI resigned. A country with record unemployment, no head of state and no head of the church […]
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Ownership: a forgotten art?

While the responsible investment field has come a long way, the majority of investors are still treating it as an overlay, rather than truly integrating it into investment decision-making. This is not an ideal situation for the investment industry, not to mention society at large, but it presents an opportunity for those that do integrate […]

Research questions shareholder voting

Authors Christopher Armstrong from The Wharton School University of Pennsylvania, Ian Gow of Harvard Business School and David Larcker from the Graduate School of Business Rock Center for Corporate Governance, Stanford University, look at the efficacy of shareholder voting. The study examines the effects of shareholder support for equity compensation plans on subsequent chief executive […]

News Corp faces down protest vote from CalPERS and CalSTRS?

Despite two of America’s largest pension funds, CalPERS and CalSTRS, calling for changes to the board of News Corp at the upcoming annual general meeting on Friday, Rupert Murdoch’s iron grip on the company means their efforts will likely amount to little more than a protest vote.

CII releases “say on pay” report examining investor voting motivations

The Council of Institutional Investors (CII) has released a report analysing investor motivation for voting against the “say on pay” proposal at companies where the motion failed to receive majority support at annual meetings this year. The study, conducted by independent executive compensation and performance consultancy Farient Advisors, examines how the new “say on pay” […]

APG beefs up corporate governance policies

APG, one of the world’s largest institutional investors, has released a corporate governance policy in which it makes clear that the boards of companies must take sustainability, shareholder and stakeholder interests into account when making decisions.