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Davos 2020 for institutional investors

The World Economic Forum’s annual shindig in the Swiss alpine resort of Davos was all about sustainability in 2020 with some specific outtakes for investors around carbon. There were other lessons for investors too, like caution around illiquid assets and the perils of negative yielding debt.

Hedging your bets? Back innovation for wealth creation

In 2012 there were 31 hedge fund managers on the Forbes 400 list, representing about 8 per cent of the wealthiest people in the US, up from 6 per cent the year before. Wealthy people on the whole don’t interest me, but innovation does. And the creation of wealth, and the creation of jobs and […]
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How many top100 sustainable companies do you invest in?

The most sustainable 100 companies in the world, as measured by Corporate Knights, outperformed the MSCI by 12.4 per cent since the list’s inception in February 2005, it was announced at Davos last week. From February 1, 2005, to December 31, 2011, the “Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations” list has achieved a total return of […]
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Real economy the focus of bankers at Davos

A strong financial services sector is an integral part of solving the world’s “real challenges” of unemployment, poverty and global imbalances Josef Ackermann, chief executive of Deutsche Bank and chair of the financial services governor’s group at the World Economic Forum, says. Speaking at the 2102 annual meeting in Davos last week, Ackermann, says “we […]