CalPERS says consultants could do better

CalPERS is happy with its consultants, except for their performance in recommending ways to control fees and costs and their presentation of new investment ideas, a board rating reveals.

AustralianSuper’s equities ride

The large size and penchant for active investment of the $120 billion AustralianSuper present both opportunities and challenges for its fund managers and inhouse equities team.

Factors trump skill: MSCI

MSCI research has shown that, among top-performing funds, more than half of active returns come from factors, rather than manager skill, and style factors have the biggest impact.

Sampension seeks more control

As the Danish labour market pension fund puts more into alternatives and illiquid assets, it is also in talks with managers to increase its control over investment decisions and lower its costs.

Time to make value judgements

Keith Ambachtsheer says net value added for members, not absolute cost, is the way to evaluate funds, and points to a report from Australia’s Productivity Commission as a sensible blueprint.

Alternative credit on LD’s short horizon

In 2017, Denmark LD chief financial officer Lars Wallberg plots a push into unlisted credit, complementing a key exposure to environmental services, to manage his fund’s maturing profile.

Asset owners zero in on managers’ fees

Funds will look to pressure fund managers to put more skin in the game with fee structures as they try to control costs and expectations in a low-return world, our third annual CIO survey finds.

CALPERS’ chief navigates ‘perfect storm’

Outgoing CaIPERS’ CEO, Anne Stausboll, talks to Amanda White in an exclusive interview, about her passionate views on sustainability, simplifying the portfolio, and where improvements are needed.

Cost disclosure overhaul

Investors should adopt the ILPA standardised fee reporting template for private equity, say Mike Heale and Andrea Dang from CEM Benchmarking

The impact of the mega manager

The impact of size is a delicate point for asset managers. For specialist asset classes, and boutique managers, being small and nimble can be a source of alpha. On the other hand, being large can reduce fees and increase innovation and product offering. But now there is evidence to show that the emergence of the... Read more »

More evidence big is better in pension funds

A pension fund that has 10 times more assets under management has on average 7.67 basis points lower annual investment costs according to a working paper from authors at De Nederlansche Bank, that explores the relationship between pension fund size and investment costs. Written by Dirk Broeders, Arco van Oord and David Rijsbergen the paper... Read more »

The contest: factor-based or industry-based allocations?

Factor-investing has not yet won the right to be the endurable and dominating asset allocation method, according to new research, which shows that industry or sector-based allocation still has its merits. In particular the study shows that industry-based investing offers defensive opportunities as it delivers better risk-return trade-offs for long-only portfolios during recessions and bear... Read more »