Temasek seeks tomorrow’s champions

The $203.5 billion Temasek is making plenty of shifts in its flexible equities portfolio, to target markets, sectors or entities with the competitive advantage for global growth.

5-yearly power transfer looms in China

As China readies for its five-yearly leadership reshuffle, global investors are watching to see how they’re poised to manage the world’s second-largest economy as it faces up to its debt dilemma.

MSCI finally adds China to indices

MSCI’s long-awaited decision to include China’s A shares in its emerging markets and ACWI indices will affect more than $1.6 trillion in funds that track the MSCI Emerging Markets In
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Setting the sustainability agenda

Fiona Reynolds, managing director of PRI, on her view of COP22, what Trump means for sustainable investing, and the role of China in green finance.

Pricing geopolitical risk

Geopolitical risk is largely priced in to markets according to the John P. Birkelund ’52 Professor in History and International Affairs at Princeton University, Stephen Kotkin.

Frozen by the entanglement of risk

Equity prices in continental Europe and emerging markets, including China, are below fair value, and present an opportunity for investors, but the ‘entanglement of risk’ in current markets is making Brian Singer, partner and head of dynamical allocation strategies team, William Blair cautious. William Blair typically targets around 10 per cent volatility in its portfolios,... Read more »

Long-termism, the problems with capitalism and other holiday reading

The holiday season is a good time to catch up on the reading you may have put off throughout the year. To make it easy for you here is a choice of articles that speak to some of the key themes for investors – long-termism, economic growth, climate risk and capitalism. Long-termism is one of... Read more »

Chinese SWFs need co-investors

China’s biggest sovereign wealth funds need, and want, co-investment opportunities in real assets and private equity and are open to new partnerships with international investors of the right credentials, and the longer term the partnership the better. This is the feedback of Michael Wadley, a specialist lawyer of Australian origin based in Shanghai, who runs... Read more »

The rise of the foreign trustee

Which developed world pension fund will become the first to have a Chinese national sit on its board? The debate on board diversity has focused on gender, race and age, but in future it could extend to having representatives of the countries your fund would most like to invest in. As funds travel along the... Read more »
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Copper: Where is the bottom?

For years metals such as aluminium, zinc and nickel have been persistently oversupplied. The copper market, in contrast, has been much tighter, primarily because China needs to import the metal but is largely selfsufficient in other metals. This has seen copper trade at a premium to other base metals and be recognised as a good... Read more »

UniSuper defies accepted thinking

Mention any asset class to John Pearce, chief investment officer of Australian superannuation fund UniSuper, and he will doggedly set out the good and bad thinking around it. A common source of his ire is the sight of investors herding around a belief based on a lack of rigorous thinking. Good practice for him involves... Read more »

Tackling sustainability in emerging markets

Emerging market investing and sustainable investing easily rank as two of the most substantiated of the many investment trends of the past decade. However, the two styles of investing are far from natural bedfellows. Christian Ragnartz, as chief investment officer of the $17-billion-plus Swedish pension fund AP7 – which has 13 per cent of its... Read more »