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REST Super

Retail Employees Superannuation Trust, also called REST Super or Rest Super, is an Australian industry superannuation fund established in 1988.





Performance (%, 1YR)


Chief Executive

Vicki Doyle

Chief Investment Officer

Andrew Lill


Ken Marshman

Asset allocation

4.5% Cash

15.5% Debt

3% Alternatives

11% Infrastructure

11% Property

22.5% Australian Shares

32.5% Overseas Shares related articles

How technology is enabling better investments

Asset owners are increasingly looking to technology to more effectively manage complex multi-asset portfolios, enhance returns and better inform risk management decisions. looks at how technology is being used by asset owners including LACERA and REST, and the insights of BCIMCo's chief technology officer, Tony Payne.

Trustee standards set by Rest case

Earlier this month the Australian fund, Rest, settled a case with one of its members, Mark McVeigh, who claimed the fund breached its duty by not properly considering the risks posed by climate change. Here, McVeigh's lawyers write exclusively for and explain the significance of the case for pension funds around the globe.
Investor Profile

Super, apart from the REST

Jo Townsend, the chief investment officer at REST Industry Super, says the fund is not only investing according to a long-term horizon, but is also willing to depart from the pack when making investment decisions. “Our fundamental investment belief is that it is possible to add value through active investment management, and we do that […]