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QSuper: standing out from the crowd

QSuper CIO, Brad Holzberger, has long stood out from his peers by loading up on long-term government bonds and even the recent sudden collapse of yields, as investors started pricing in slower growth, hasn’t deterred him from sticking with this asset class. The retiring CIO of one of Australia's largest funds about expectations.
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Qsuper’s permanent revolution

The evolution of the $43 billion QSuper’s offer to all members is definitely not at an end. In fact, Rosemary Vilgan, chief executive of QSuper, sitting in the board room of QSuper’s on the top floor of its Brisbane office, archly states: “I keep saying to people you should not work here if you do […]

International reaction to QSuper’s innovation

Australian fund, QSuper’s creation of eight different investment cohorts for its 440,000 default fund members this month has sparked curiosity and admiration from defined contribution experts in the US, the UK and New Zealand. The investment strategies for each group will be focussed on an estimated retirement outcome for that segment, taking into account the […]
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QSuper looks beyond benchmarks in remaking investment strategy

QSuper is re-inventing itself. On the eve of marking a century, the $27 billion superannuation fund for Queensland public sector workers is redefining its investment beliefs and living them through a strategy that is purposefully different from those of its Australian peers. benchmarks, QSuper, Risk ManagementAsset Owner:QSuper

Target date funds go to Washington

Last week, Professor of Finance at Griffith Business School at Griffith University, Michael E. Drew*, was the only academic invited to present at the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Department of Labor Joint-Hearing on target date funds. He writes exclusively for on his submission, which questions the conventional use of age-based approaches to […]