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OMERS uses patient capital for life cycle venture investing

OMERS has will capitalise on its ability to invest for the long-term and use the newly-launched venture capital arm to invest directly in the entire life cycle of a project. OMERS Ventures, which will be the avenue for the fund to invest directly in venture rather than through funds, is predicated on funding through the […]

Oxford seeks global property opps

Oxford Properties Group – the real estate arm of Canadian pension fund OMERS – has an ambitious growth plan that includes expanding its footprint globally and growing its portfolio of properties to more than $30 billion. Oxford’s president and chief executive Blake Hutcheson (pictured) says that the fund is patiently building out its portfolio of […]

OMERS a step closer to bringing it all in-house

OMERS continues its drive to bring more of its investment management in-house, recently announcing a major expansion of its investment operations with the launch of a New York investment office. Canada, co-investment, FISOMERS, OMERSAsset Owner:Ontario Municipal Employees' Retirement System (OMERS)Borealis Infrastructure
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OMERS shifts to direct investing privately

As OMERS moves towards its target asset allocation of 53:47 in public/private markets, the private equity division is also undergoing change with a preference for direct investing. Paul Renaud (pictured), president and chief executive of OMERS Private Equity, discusses the transformation. OMERS invests directly in private equity, OMERS Private Equity, Paul RenaudAsset Owner: White is […]

Funds count costs of external asset management

Cost is the flagrant motivation in the trend for US pension funds to move assets in-house, but as this article explores, budgets also need to extend to the demands of investment research, travel and staff incentive compensation. CEM Benchmarking, FISCEM, in-house vs external asset management, New Jersey Division of Investment, NJDOIAsset Owner:
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OMERS aims for total in-house

By 2015, OMERS expects to be managing all its investments in-house, with each business unit doubling in size in the process. Amanda White spoke to chief investment officer Michael Latimer (pictured), about the plans to make the pension fund an investment house of choice for investors, investment targets and investment professionals. Michael Lattimer, OMERS, OMERS […]

Canadian funds in co-investment deal

The trend for co-investment in infrastructure has continued in Canada with two large funds, OTPP and OMERS, partnering to purchase the High Speed 1 (HS1), Britain’s only high-speed rail link to the Channel Tunnel. Borealis Infrastructure, Channel Tunnel, Chunnel, HS1 high-speed rail link, infrstructure, Morgan Stanley Infrastructure, OMERS, OTPP, SAESA Group, Scotia Gas Networks, VFMCAsset […]
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Funds seed for the future

Two major pension funds from the Netherlands and Canada – ABP and OMERS – have seeded an innovation and technology program to invest in their domestic knowledge economies. Called inkef capital, it has already begun searching for the success stories of the future. ABP, Frank Landsberger, inkef capital, knowledge economies, OMERS, Phillip HaggertyAsset Owner: Simon […]