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ATP Group is Denmark’s largest pension and processing company, established by Danish Parliament by law in 1964. ATP Livslang Pension (Lifelong Pension) is a collective scheme with more than 5 million members. Based in Hillerød, ATP has around 3,000 employees working across three areas: managing pensions, investment and administration.



AUM ($B)




Chief Executive

Bo Foged

Chief Investment Officer

Mikkel Svenstrup


Torben M. Andersen

Asset allocation
ATP runs an investment portfolio strategy based on risk factors rather than asset classes.

35% Equity Factor

35% Interest Rate Factor

15% Inflation Factor

15% Other Factors related articles
Investor Profile

PFA navigates corona storm

In the six months Kasper Lorenzen has been CIO of the Danish fund, PFA, he has made moves in investment and decision-making that have resulted in the fund weathering the short-term coronavirus storm. He is however, wary of the long-term structural changes particularly to patterns of globalisation.

Why ATP adopted the FX Global Code

ATP is one of only five pension funds globally to officially adopt the FX Global Code by signing the “statement of commitment to the FX global code”. Thomas Bengtsson, senior portfolio manager at ATP and the fund’s representative on the Scandinavian FX Committee, explains why it is important for the fund.

Different ways to navigate risk

Institutional investors are navigating the different risks that can impact their portfolios in different ways, explained chief risk offers speaking at the Fiduciary Investors Symposium in Cambridge. Arjen Pasma, chief risk officer at Dutch asset manager PGGM noted how risks span investment risk, counterparty risk, liquidity risk and ESG risk. Measuring ESG risk in the manager’s large allocation to private markets where each deal is scored on ESG and climate risk is particularly important, he said.
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