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Technology has long been an essential behind-the-scenes partner in the financial services industry, providing theinnovative incremental advances necessary for the industry to upgrade and expand its services. Improvements in storage capacity and processing speed, for example, have had a profound impact on data management and transactional capabilities, with accompanying reductions in cost. Yet despite these […]
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Superannuation: Managing the Challenges of Changing Super Needs

Australia has one of the largest retirement fund pools per capita in the world. Given the significance of this relative to Australia’s total gross domestic product, the superannuation sector has come under unprecedented scrutiny with a series of major government reviews heightening the call for increased efficiency, greater engagement and ultimately improved returns. Understanding their […]
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Sustainable Investing: Positioning for Long-Term Success

Increased awareness of environmental, social and governance (ESG) concerns is influencing the investment decisions of institutional investors more and more. Leveraging preliminary findings of new research by State Street Global Advisors, we examine the momentum behind this trend and the opportunities emerging in a rapidly shifting landscape. Click here to download the report
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The Changing Shape of European Investment Management

The European investment management industry is undergoing unprecedented change. The financial crisis and an evolving regulatory environment have reinforced cost pressures that have been building in recent years, creating an urgent need to achieve scale and efficiencies through a focus on core competencies. Already, a wave of consolidation has begun that is set to continue […]
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Rethinking Asset Allocation

Modern Portfolio Theory is being updated with new technuiques that take advantage of the vast computational and information-aggregation capabilities available in contemporary financial markets. Increasingly, frequent non-normal returns and dramatic swings in valuations suggest that management of tail risk may emerge as a new frontier of asset allocation. Click here to download the report
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Asian Funds Passport to foster growth

Across the Asia-Pacific region, interest is growing in the cross-border recognition of registered funds, which would give investors access to a broader range of locally manufactured and regionally distributed products. Establishing a mutually recognised regional funds vehicle would help streamline cross-border recognition, while also encouraging the development of the funds industry across the region. Click […]