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Risk parity guru warns on misuse

Edward Qian, CIO of PanAgora Asset Management, coined the term “risk parity”, but he says there are misconceptions about how the approach uses leverage which, if used incorrectly, undermines its essence – risk diversification.
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The hidden risks of risk parity portfolios

The benefits of risk parity portfolios are largely an illusion and contain hidden risks such as confusing volatility with risk and including asset classes that have significant negative skew, which combined with leverage could be painful for investors, according to director of asset allocation at GMO, Ben Inker.
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Risk parity becomes bittersweet flavour of the month (2)

  “Understanding a program’s results involves attributing relative performance to active management, identifying any tactical asset allocation decisions and assessing mechanical factors such as leverage costs. “For most investors implementation of a leveraged strategy would likely require the retention of a beta overlay manager to execute and maintain the desired leveraged systematic exposures or an […]