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New era for Barra risk modelling

MSCI’s risk management tool, BarraOne incorporated 31 private real estate models and a macro-factor asset allocation model in 2013 and this year will add global private equity analysis giving it coverage across all asset classes. BarraOne, which is widely used among investors for risk analysis and management, started as an equities analysis tool, but now […]

How Norway’s SWF deals with FX tail risk

From a risk management perspective, tail risks and return distribution asymmetries of investments are important to analyse. Norges Bank Investment Management (NBIM) in this note describes a modelling approach that addresses some of the weaknesses of standard risk models. It uses the model internally as a complement to standard models to evaluate tail risk in foreign-exchange […]
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WSIB eschews administrivia for risk deep-dives

This summer the Washington State Investment Board will conduct two “deep dives” using its new risk tools to examine the portfolio exposure to US debt, and the impact of turmoil among the European Union. Executive director, Theresa Whitmarsh, discusses the board planning session, which will also include a review of the fund’s resource constraints.