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Don’t Dream It’s Over: Whineray leaves NZ Super

When CEO of New Zealand Super Matt Whineray joined the fund in 2008 there were 40 employees, NZ$14.7 billion in assets which was all outsourced and the investment committee consisted of “anyone who wanted to attend”. When Whineray leaves on December 8 he’s leaving a very different organisation.
Asset Allocation

NZ Super debates currency risk

NZ Super's recent five-year reference portfolio review saw much debate over currency risk, with the discussion elevating to the board - an unusual situation for the fund whose internal IC usually makes recommendations to the board.

Focusing on the long term: a guide

Investors say they  like to, and want to, focus on the long term, but they often don’t know how to change their practices to orient their governance and investments to do so. Now, finally, a guide has been developed for investors to use as benchmark for implementing strategies for long-term investment. The guide is an […]