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Board make-up matters

The more political appointees and worker representatives sit on US pension fund boards, the more those funds will respond to incentives that encourage riskier investing, research has found.
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Let’s talk about underfunding

Even using the assets of the pension plan was not enough of a leg-up to save the city of Detroit from bankruptcy. As the last words in the song Put your hands up for Detroit by Fedde Le Grand say, it is system shutdown. The fiscal demise of this city may be a lesson for […]
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Lone wolves may secure the best returns

Some animals instinctively gather as a herd, apparently pension funds are such animals. A new asset allocation study by academics at Maastricht and Yale, presented at the ICPM discussion forum last week, reveals the mob behaviour by funds when it comes to asset allocation, leaving way for security selection to be the differentiator in returns.