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A new model of liquidity

The risk-adjusted benefit of being able to rebalance a portfolio is worth tens of basis points, according to new research that assigns risk and return measures to liquidity so it can be analysed alongside other portfolio decisions. The award-winning research is now being used by large sovereign wealth funds, to determine the value they should […]
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Disparity in policy portfolio risk profiles

A policy portfolio is a poor reflection of investor preferences, argued Peter Bernstein. This philosophical question has now been empirically tested by MIT’s Mark Kritzman, who shows the inter-temporal disparity of a policy portfolio’s risk profile. He suggests a simple framework for addressing this deficiency. Kritzman encourages investors to replace rigid policy portfolios with flexible investment policies. […]
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The evolution of risk

Chief investment officer of Windham Capital Management and researcher extraordinaire, Mark Kritzman, is using his proprietary turbulence and systemic risk indicators to calculate the internal systemic risk of total institutional portfolios. He says this analysis can deliver a powerful precursor to portfolio volatility in the future.
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What price liquidity?

Two interwoven areas of investment management – liquidity and risk management – have become a boon for academics in the wake of the financial crisis and the liquidity black holes that apparently formed within endowment and pension funds. It may seem to be an overabundance of research, but it’s in line with demand.