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Beyond divestment

While divestment is a useful tool to communicate concerns of climate risk to stakeholders, it is not an optimal investment strategy, in part because it ignores short-term benchmark risk. A research paper by MSCI provides a framework for evaluating ways to reduce two dimensions of carbon exposure – current carbon emissions and potential future emissions […]
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MSCI: the data toolmaker

With hundreds of indexes, portfolio and risk analytics, and a growing emerging-markets and environmental, social and governance (ESG) focus, MSCI is a business in constant evolution, but chief executive and chairman, Henry Fernandez, says institutional investors are demanding further development, such as private-equity indexes. Fernandez has been chief executive of MSCI since 1996, when the […]
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Index providers push into active managers’ domain

Index construction is pushing the boundaries of active management, with index providers launching products such as high beta to take advantage of market movements. S&P Indices is the latest to add to its family of high-beta indexes, recently launching two indexes of developed and emerging markets. Alka Banerjee, S&P Indices’ vice president of strategy and […]