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EDHEC study looks at risks in commodity markets

A number of policy-makers have blamed the decade-long rise in commodity prices and recent market volatility on the growing influence of financial investors and called for new regulation restricting their participation in commodity markets. Market financialisation has also led investors to worry about higher integration between commodity and traditional financial markets weakening the portfolio benefits […]

A review of corporate bond indices

Bond indices’ risk exposures are very unstable measures over time, and further this instability is accentuated in the indices with the smallest number of bonds, according to research by EDHEC-Risk Institute which examines two sets of four corporate investment-grade bond indices in the US and Europe. It concludes that the more investable the index is […]
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Sovereigns reign best on 3-legged stool

The optimal asset allocation for Sovereign Wealth Funds is a state-dependent allocation to three building blocks: a performance-seeking portfolio, an endowment-hedging portfolio, and a liability-hedging portfolio, according to research conducted by the EDHEC-Risk Institute.