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EDHEC-Risk: reform retirement

  EDHEC-Risk Institute has released a study highlighting the need to reform retirement systems and pension funds. The study Shifting Towards Hybrid Pension Systems: A European Perspective also looks at the need to adopt professional management structures and to considerably improve the product offering of defined-contribution funds. To read the paper click here

Risk management in commodity derivatives trading

EDHEC-Risk Institute research associate Hilary Till looks at the risk management of commodity derivatives trading and the lessons that can be learned from recent high profile trading debacles. Till, a principal, at Premia Capital Management, LLC, analysed several case studies and looks at risk management at large institutions, proprietary trading firms and at hedge funds. […]

Latest research

A study comparing the performance of equal-, value-, and price-weighted portfolios of stocks in the major US equity indices over the last four decades has won a prestigious award. Raman Uppal, Member of EDHEC-Risk Institute and Professor of Finance at EDHEC Business School, along with co-authors Grigory Vilkov and Yuliya Plyakha, both of Goethe University […]
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Edhec warns of narrow focus on ETF risks

European regulators should focus on ensuring transparency of risk and disclosure about costs and returns to create a level playing field for all financial products, rather than focusing on the potential risks of exchange-traded funds (ETFs), EDHEC-Risk Institute has warned.