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Under-priced climate risk plagues pension portfolios

Climate risk remains systematically under-priced and the world isn’t on course for net zero. Investors need to prepare for the risks of climate and environmental change and re-evaluate the risk in their portfolios, University of Oxford researcher Nicola Ranger warned delegates to Sustainability in Practice.
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How Swiss PUBLICA integrates climate risk

PUBLICA, one of the largest pension funds in Switzerland, has built a bespoke equity benchmark to reduce climate risk. It's not the consequence of any target to reduce emissions in the portfolio or wider ESG legislation. Senior portfolio manager Frederik von Ameln explains the process behind the strategy.

Energy is the fundamental systemic risk

Tim Hodgson, co-founder of the Thinking Ahead Institute at WTW, makes the case that energy is the metaphorical lifeblood of any system, and is therefore the fundamental systemic risk, and that this insight should inform how we go about our net-zero investing.