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Managing culture with risk management techniques

The interaction between governance, culture and performance is increasingly a topic around asset owner board tables. But little has been written about the relationship between culture and the financial crisis, and how to change culture in financial services organisations. Andrew Lo, professor of finance at MIT, has come up with a proposal to change culture […]
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Innovation to align investors with the social good

The CFA Institute’s president John Rogers, believes there is evidence of innovation in investment products that meet the needs of asset owners in a more sustainable, longer-term way, and points to the work of professors and advisors to the CFA , Andrew Lo of MIT and Robert Shiller of Yale.   One of the main […]
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Academics and industry unite

The gargantuan impact of systemic risk in global financial markets has been corroborated by a consortium of industry and academics collaborating to provide independent quantitative research, insight and leadership on systemic risk. Driven by director of MIT’s Laboratory for Financial Engineering,  Andrew Lo, senior managing director at State Street Global Markets, Jessica Donohue, and managing […]