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Univest Company (Unilever) UK

Unilever UK Pension Fund (UUKPF) is a single-employer corporate pension based at Darlington, United Kingdom. The fund provides pension and cash benefits to the eligible employees of Unilever. The assets are managed by the members of Unilever UK Pension Fund Trustees. The UUKPF is a “hybrid” scheme as it provides both Defined Benefit (DB) and Defined Contribution (DC) benefits.


United Kingdom

AUM ($B)




Chief Investment Officer

Jayne Atkinson


Tony Ashford

Asset allocation
The Fund’s strategic asset allocation (“Target”) is: Equities (31.9%), Private Equity (3.5%), Property (5.8%), Hedge Fund (2.8%), Sustainable Assets (2.5%), Corporate Bonds (8.8%), HLV Property (4.2%), Diversified Income (8.5%), High Yield Debt (2.8%), Emerging Markets Debt (4.5%), LDI, Hedges & Govt Bonds (24.7%)

22% Equities

3.5% Private equity

5.8% Property

2.8% Hedge Fund

2.5% Sustainable assets

8.8% Coroprate bonds

4.2% HLV property

8.5% Diversified income

2.8% High yield debt

4.5% Emerging markets debt

34.6% LDI, Hedges, Govt bonds related articles