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State Super (SAS Trustee)

State Super is the Trustee of the State Authorities Superannuation Scheme (SASS), State Superannuation Scheme (SSS) and Police Superannuation Scheme (PSS). The assets of all schemes have been combined into the STC Pooled Fund. State Super is one of Australia’s largest superannuation schemes by membership.





Performance (%, 1YR)


Chief Executive

John Livanas

Chief Investment Officer

Charles Wu


Nicholas Johnson

Asset allocation
Trustee Selection Strategy Asset Allocation

12.4% Australian Equities

35.3% International Equities

14.1% Infrastructure

10.1% Property

17.8% Other Alternatives

1.7% Australian Fixed Interest

4.1% Defensive Strategies

4.4% Cash related articles
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First State: superannuation’s evolution

Most of Australia’s retirement system is still just heading towards investing with scale for both accumulation and pension phase. The A$70 billion First State Super and CIO Damian Graham are already there. So what do its investments look like?
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Why investors employ smart beta strategies

The common view is smart beta is used to side step expensive active equity managers or hedge fund managers whose processes are on the surface opaque, but on close investigation turn out to be largely beta like in approach. As investors have gained experience and familiarity they have also learnt about how it offers greater […]

Inaction over Woodside demonstrates complexity for Australian funds

Australia’s first-ever shareholder vote on climate change, put to Woodside Petroleum in April, provided superannuation funds with a prime opportunity to support the sustainability principles that many of them have espoused for years. But at this first hurdle, many crashed and burned, prompting the question: how seriously are funds pursuing sustainability through their investments?
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