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Fonds de compensation AVS – AHV Ausgliechfonds (CompenSwiss)

Compenswiss is a public pension fund located in Geneva, Switzerland. Compenswiss (AHV/IV/EO Equalisation Funds) is the central manager of the Federal Old-Age and Survivors’ Insurance (AHV), the Federal Disability Insurance (IV), and the Income Compensation Scheme (EO) in Switzerland. The pension fund is managed by a board of directors appointed by the Federal Council.



AUM ($B)




Chief Executive

Eric Breval

Chief Investment Officer

Frank Juliano


Manuel Leuthold

Asset allocation

1.32% Money Market Investment

4.27% Loans

10.12% Swiss Franc Bonds

32.84% Foreign Currency Bonds

21.66% Equities

10.85% Real Estate

2.04% Commodities

5.28% Tactical Investment

0.53% Overlays

11.11% Liquidity