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China Investment Corporation (CIC)

Founded in 2007, China Investment Corporation (CIC) was established as a vehicle to diversify China’s foreign exchange holdings and seek maximum returns for its shareholder within acceptable risk tolerance. CIC is made up of 3 subsidiaries —CIC International Co., Ltd. (CIC International), CIC Capital Corporation (CIC Capital) and Central Huijin Investment Ltd. (Central Huijin)—which function as three distinct entities.



AUM ($B)




Chief Executive

Peng Chun

Chief Investment Officer

Ju Weimin


Peng Chun

Asset allocation
Guided by the principle of long-term investment and risk diversification, CIC invests in a wide range of financial products globally. 56 per cent of the portfolio is externally managed.

38% Public Equity

43% Alternative Assets

2% Cash Products

17% Fixed Income related articles

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