FIS Digital – June 2020

Impact of COVID-19 on globalisation

By Amin R. Yacoub, New York University (NYU), School of Law and Mohamed El-Zomor, University of Cambridge

COVID-19 is currently changing our understanding of the world around us. It has challenged many of our ideologies: from capitalism to neo-liberalism, from the over-significance of work to realising work-life balance, and from globalization to nationalisation.

In this post, the authors argue that COVID-19 pandemic is an inevitable result of globalisation and that the pandemic, in turn, has seriously threatened the world’s globalisation. The pandemic had disrupted the international legal order: legally, socially, politically, and economically. Nonetheless, we contend that the pandemic’s adverse effects on globalization is temporary, and that it would provoke more international cooperation among nations on the long run. In order to demonstrate the argument, the authors lay down the social, political, legal, and economic effects of the pandemic on globalisation.

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