Episode 6 - Amanda White

The importance of engagement

30 mins.

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In this episode Amanda White talks with engagement specialist at Robeco, Peter van der Werf, about the importance of engagement; what good engagement looks like; and what financially material sustainability themes are important right now. View more info
Episode 5 - Amanda White

Looking forward with the PRI

37 mins.

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In conversation with Fiona Reynolds, chief executive of the PRI, this episode looks specifically at some of the activities of the PRI and its engagement with stakeholders around COVID-19, their ESG priorities and what a sustainable recovery looks like. View more info
How can investors work together to combat inequality? In this podcast episode Amanda White speaks to the president of CalPERS, Henry Jones, about his own experience and the fund's journey in tackling diversity and inclusion, in particular issues of racism. View more info
Episode 3 - Amanda White

The path to a sustainable economy

42 mins.

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This episode explores the key pillars of a sustainable recovery including the three important long term trends that need to be addressed climate change, loss of biodiversity and inequality. It explores the key role for the finance industry which includes building new models that are not only about maximising monetary profits but also transition theory, and the value of ecological and social capital. View more info
Episode 2 - Amanda White

The need for urgent action on climate

44 mins.

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Nigel Topping who was appointed by the UK Government as the High Level Climate Action Champion for United Nations climate talks, COP26 joins Fiona Reynolds, chief executive of the PRI, in conversation with Amanda White, editor of Top1000funds.com This episode focuses on climate change and how, amongst and despite, the short-term focus of this COVID-19 crisis, we can mobilise government, business and investors into action around this important issue of climate change. View more info
How can investors be a catalyst for change and have an active voice in a sustainable recovery? This episode explores the role of investors and how they can collaborate for effective collective action. It includes the work of one of the leaders in sustainable investing and the biggest pension fund in Europe, APG. It invites investors to have an active voice in a sustainable recovery. View more info