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Capturing illiquidity premiums

This paper commissioned by the Norwegian Ministry of Finance investigates the possibilities for the Government Pension Fund Global (GPFG) to profit from liquidity premiums in  illiquid investments. It looks at the empirical evidence for the presence of liquidity effects in a broad range of asset classes: listed equities, corporate bonds, treasury and agency bonds, and […]

A trustee guide to factor investing

This research by academics at Tilburg University and the VU University Amsterdam, looks at the hurdles of implementing factor investing. It translates those into a checklist for implementing factor investing. The research, conducted for Robeco, finds that three approaches to factor investing are emerging and conducts case studies to examine how these approaches are implemented […]

Recasting private equity after the financial crisis

This article published by the European Corporate Governance and written by Tilburg University academics examines the post-financial crisis trends in the private equity industry, showing investors are demanding the inclusion of more investor-favorable compensation terms in limited partnership agreements. The findings suggest these new terms not only provide the investors with more favorable management fee and profit […]

A new understanding of responsible investing preferences

Investors with a large proportion of educated female members have extra reason to take socially responsible investing seriously, but can possibly relax about poor returns. That is a fascinating finding of Rachel Pownall, an associate professor of Tilburg University, who has published groundbreaking work on the nuances of responsible investing. Pownall, together with Arian Borgers […]
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Negative real interest rates a clear sign of financial repression

Sylvester Eijffinger, a Tilburg University professor and renowned international monetary policy expert said “financial repression is everywhere in the OECD” in a keynote address to the Fiduciary Investors Symposium in Amsterdam. Eijffinger says “the globalisation of monetary policy makes it very hard for emerging economies to shield themselves from these influences”. Eijffinger points to negative […]
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Should I Stay or Should I Go?

A discussion paper by APG’s Roderick Molenaar, and Tilburg University’s Kim Peijnenburg and Eduard Ponds, looks at whether a low funding ratio of a pension fund can creative incentives for individuals to leave this fund.