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Swedish Ethical Council
goes proactive

Moving from reactive engagement to proactively working with companies and regulators to avoid major environmental, social or corporate governance (ESG) events has become a key focus of the Swedish Ethical Council, its new head says. Newly appointed chairwoman Ulrika Danielson says that the council, which is a collaborative engagement effort for the AP 1 to […]
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AP3 drives further portfolio diversification

Investment staff at Sweden’s Third National Pension Fund, AP3, have discretion to make tactical decisions as part of a dynamic asset allocation strategy that along with a drive to diversify investments aims to achieve an ambitious 4 per cent real return target.
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Swedish fund takes the long view

As an avowed long-term investor the Second Swedish National Pension Fund (AP2) has taken a 40-year view when looking at its balance sheet, which includes attempting to comprehensively build in sustainability considerations into its investment strategy.