Future Fund adds risk for short term

The CIO of Australia's sovereign wealth fund has added risk to the portfolio showing optimism about the short-term outlook but remains cautious about the medium and long term.

Active strategies still valued

Prominent CIOs say active management’s place is secure, even as passive strategies surge in popularity. But the two types of strategies aren’t as distinct as in years past.

Future Fund focuses on technology

The lessons learned from embedding ESG risk management processes into the Future Fund’s portfolio can be readily applied to helping the fund improve its risk management for technological change.

Investing in volatile markets

The Future Fund portfolio has material exposure to two asset classes out of favour with many long-term investors. Chief investment officer, Raphael Arndt, explains why.

The Future Fund 2.0

With its 10th birthday looming, the Future Fund is entering its next incarnation complete with a new investment team structure. AMANDA WHITE spoke to Raphael Arndt, Stephen Gilmore and David Neal. When David Neal, the inaugural chief investment officer of the Future Fund, became its managing director on August 4 last year, his previous role... Read more »

Long term investing and infrastructure

There has been some ambiguity about what being a long-term investor means. For Australia’s Future Fund it means focusing on a few key aspects of our investments: understanding value, the ability to make and implement portfolio decisions and manager alignment. In this speech at the ASFA Global Investment Forum on infrastructure and long-term investment, Raphael... Read more »

Regulatory risk in Europe a factor for infrastructure investment

The head of infrastructure at Australia’s $80 billion Future Fund has cited regulatory risk in Europe and the United Kingdom as reasons to be wary about infrastructure investment in the region. Raphael Arndt, the Future Fund’s head of infrastructure and timberlands, told a Sydney conference this week that he was particularly concerned with the situation... Read more »