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Mercer Pacific’s three key themes

Mercer’s Pacific CIO, Kylie Willment, has made tweaks to better align the portfolio with the potential effects of quantitative tightening, markets late in their cycles, and geopolitical risks.
Investor Profile

CareSuper CIO active and determined

The CIO of the $10 billion superannuation fund for office workers has her team and investment philosophy in place, with a long-term focus and a mindset that says settling is never an option.
Asset Allocation

CIO ready to leverage tech at IOOF

New IOOF chief investment officer Dan Farmer is looking to reduce correlated risk and diversify into alternative assets. To help achieve all this, he’s undertaking an ambitious software project.
Asset Classes

Absolute returns boost Statewide

Australia’s Statewide Super is a top performer under Con Michalakis who embraces absolute returns and active managers while fighting against what he sees as the greatest risk of all, complacency.

Future Fund focuses on technology

The lessons learned from embedding ESG risk management processes into the Future Fund’s portfolio can be readily applied to helping the fund improve its risk management for technological change.
Asset Allocation

AustralianSuper CIO Mark Delaney

Mark Delaney sees an opportunity to make money from Brexit and a bright side to the tumult of US President Donald Trump.

What the ‘Phi’ is wrong with investors?

New research has found that organisations and teams with more altruistic motivations for working in the investments industry are also more likely to deliver superior long-term returns.