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CIC lukewarm on Euro bail-out

The head of China’s $400 billion sovereign wealth fund has offered in principle support for injecting money into the struggling Eurozone but notes any commitment of funds must be an investment rather than a political decision.

CIC weighs into alternatives

The China Investment Corporation deployed nearly 30 per cent of its cash, or $35.7 billion, in 2010, mostly into private equity, real estate, infrastructure and other direct investments with its alternatives allocation increasing from 6 to 21 per cent in the year.

SWF lions roar in Beijing

Sovereign wealth funds will consider the implications of capital flows and the build-up of foreign exchange assets in Beijing next week at the third annual SWF international forum.

CIC No.2 set for take-off

The Chinese Government is expected to provide details this month of its new fund – being dubbed the “Industrial CIC” or” CIC 2” – which will centralise oversight of various state-owned businesses.

Sovereign funds open up cautiously

Sovereign wealth funds have captured the imagination of investment professionals and politicians alike over the past few years. Perhaps because of the large sums of money at their disposal, there has been a degree of wariness about the intentions of some. Most, after all, are controlled by governments.

CIC sails through global rough seas

Stronger governance, management infrastructure and risk management have steered the China Investment Corporation through the global financial crisis and emerge with a large buffer of cash, the annual report says.

Chinese whisper over CIC turf wars

The $300 billion China Investment Corporation (CIC) aims to sidestep official barriers to investing in the US by offloading its stakes in home-country banks. The proposal would see the sovereign wealth fund (SWF) relinquish responsibility for the Chinese government’s majority stakes in the country’s largest banks, such as Bank of China, the Financial Times reported. […]