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Paul Marsh: live with low returns

The London Business School’s emeritus professor of finance Paul Marsh admits that you have to be slightly mad to embark on the kind of research detailed in the latest edition of Global Investment Returns Yearbook. This year Marsh and colleagues Elroy Dimson and Mike Staunton – Marsh describes the three of them, pictured below, as […]
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Innovation brings results at Austria’s APK

Austria is a country with a strong tradition of innovation. That can be sensed through its nineteenth century industrial emergence to Gustav Klimt’s secessionist art movement in turn-of-the-twentieth-century Vienna and the Austrian school of economics that later spawned monetarist pioneer, Friedrich Hayek. The APK pension fund is these days adding to the list of those […]

Investors add to credit cycle

Reaching-for-yield — the propensity to buy riskier assets in order to achieve higher yields — is believed to be an important factor contributing to the credit cycle. This Harvard Business School finance working paper analyses this phenomenon in the corporate bond market. The paper’s authors Bo Becker and Victoria Ivashina show evidence for reaching for […]

Bonds buoy funds globally

New Zealand pension funds were the best performing in the OECD last year, with an average of 10.3 per cent, followed by Chile, Finland, Canada and Poland, with 2.7 per cent the average across all countries.

Sovereign debt’s grave new world

Bonds have been the saviour for institutional investors in the global recovery, but a new bout of risk-aversion induced by concerns about sovereign risk threatens the stability of the traditionally defensive assets.