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Fees kill alpha from hedge funds

Many hedge fund portfolios perform well before costs but fall into negative alpha after charges are levied, Canadian firm CEM Benchmarking's analysis of nearly 400 large investors has found.

Fees get another rethink

A new measure of the value a manager adds meets a proposed rate of compensation and protection for asset owners in the Thinking Ahead Institute’s plan for fairer performance fees.

A strategy to believe in

Nevada’s public pension plan only pays 11 bps in total costs due to 80 per cent of the fund being indexed. But CIO Steve Edmundson says low fees are a byproduct, not the reason for the strategy.

Top funds’ strengths, challenges

A study of organisational behaviour at 15 of the world’s leading funds found best-practice ideas in risk management and sustainability, along with common challenges in areas such as diversity.

Performance fees hardly worth it

An analysis of 218 Dutch pension funds has shown that paying performance fees has little impact on performance. Size of fund and specialisation were deemed more important for net returns.