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Australia’s pension funds cricitised

As the fifth round of Australia’s financial services royal commission came to a close, counsel assisting criticised many retirement savings funds for their retention strategies, conflicts of interest and other practices deemed not in members’ best interests.

Alternative PE vehicles underperform

Alternative private equity vehicles underperform the associated main fund, new research from Harvard's Josh Lerner and MIT's Antoinette Schoar has shown for the first time - but skilled limited partners flip the script.

GPIF fee structure aligns interests

The world’s largest investor restructured how it pays its active mandates to get more certainty from managers. Its actions, which were taken after self-reflection, will affect the entire sector.

Fees kill alpha from hedge funds

Many hedge fund portfolios perform well before costs but fall into negative alpha after charges are levied, Canadian firm CEM Benchmarking's analysis of nearly 400 large investors has found.

Fees get another rethink

A new measure of the value a manager adds meets a proposed rate of compensation and protection for asset owners in the Thinking Ahead Institute’s plan for fairer performance fees.