Why U.S.-China relations are locked in a stalemate

Three months after the Biden-Xi summit, the two sides’ divergent framings of the bilateral relationship are hindering progress. Paul Haenle and Sam Bresnick. 2022. “Why US-China Relations Are Locked in a Stalemate”, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Building balanced portfolios for the long run

This paper by MSCI and GIC introduces an asset-allocation framework which aims to help long-horizon investors construct portfolios with greater resilience against continued macro uncertainties, while preserving investors’ expected returns.

Sustainability report

Just like the rest of the world, the members of the Gobi Partners family have been deeply affected by the unprecedented global pandemic that has irrevocably transformed our lives. The last two years have seen families losing loved ones and livelihoods being disrupted in ways we have never foreseen.

Investing in natural capital

Past economic development has degraded the earth’s air, land and water, severely impacting nature’s capacity to support society and future prosperity. Investments in sustainably managed timberland and farmland alongside the protection and restoration of natural capital have the potential to offer tremendous returns for society as a whole and for those who invest in these […]

Outlook for real estate

Private real estate outperformed most sectors globally in 2022, rewarding investors who continued to increase their allocations to the sector over the last decade. However, we expect to see pockets of softness in 2023, including value losses in some markets and sectors. But even as the market slows, opportunities will remain in commercial real estate.

The power of private real assets

Our latest research demonstrates private real assets’ potential to deliver uncorrelated returns, making them a key element for diversifying portfolio risk.

China macroeconomic and market outlook

Read the view on China’s economy, from the lens of an on-the-ground investment team based in Shanghai, Franklin Templeton Sealand. The team sees positive signs in the economy due to government support and drive led by business enterprises.

The mood music changes

Franklin Templeton Investment Solutions team expects a standstill in growth due to monetary policy tightening, cost-of-living crisis and fall of corporate profit margins. However, there is also a growing optimism brewing at the background, powered by China’s reopening.

NZ Super culls equities, focuses on impact

New Zealand Super has radically slashed the holdings in its passive equities portfolio as it re-aligns the portfolio with a Paris-aligned benchmark. It’s part of the fund’s shift to a sustainable finance focus which includes improving the fund’s already-good ESG profile and a more long-term future focus on impact investing.

Portfolio managers 3.0: APG’s digital future

Peter Branner, chief investment officer of the giant APG, is always looking to develop and implement technology that supports the firm’s investment goals. Since his school days, he has been interested in information technology and now as APG Asset Management CIO, he is hands-on involved with the firm’s multi-million investment programme in new technology.

Asia still the epicentre of global growth, but with greater headwinds

Despite a challenging few years, countries across the Asia-Pacific region are entering 2023 with some momentum. Easing pandemic conditions and improved mobility have boosted domestic demand and retail sales. The region has also enjoyed strong export growth, most notably across South-East Asia.

GIC: Building balanced portfolios for the long run

The steady increase in investors allocating more to private assets comes at the same time as a new period of heightened macro uncertainty including supply-driven inflation, less-credible central bank policy, rising real rates and slowing productivity growth.