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Local Pensions Partnership

Formed in 2016, Local Pension Partnership (LPP) are a provider of pension administration and investment services to some of the largest local government pension funds in the UK. LPP launched as a collaboration between Lancashire County Council (LCC) and London Pensions Fund Authority (LPFA), ahead of the Government plan to create asset pools from the 89 funds that make up the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS). Today LPP manage around £17.7bn of assets on behalf of three LGPS clients including the committed capital of GLIL Infrastructure LLP (GLIL). They also provide pension administration services for more than 600,000 LGPS, Police and Firefighters’ pension scheme members across more than 1,900 employers.


United Kingdom



Chief Executive

Chris Rule

Chief Investment Officer

Richard Tomlinson


Michael O’Higgins

Asset allocation
LPP invests across the following asset classes: Global Equities Fund, Fixed Income Fund, Diversifying Strategies Fund, Credit Fund, Infrastructure Fund, Private Equity Fund, Real Estate Fund, Liquidity Fund related articles

UK funds focus on manager diversity

A group of major UK pension funds have committed to assessing diversity and inclusion as part of manager selection. Fund managers wanting to work with these clients will have to disclose information and demonstrate real devotion on how they are tackling diversity and inclusion within their workforce. 
FIS Digital – May 2021

New managers struggle to get ahead via zoom

The interruptions to work and the revolution of technological tools in 2020 have changed thee way investors assess funds managers. A discussion around due diligence in a lockdown environment finds  that allocators have tended to stick with existing relationships through the pandemic making it difficult for managers approaching investors for the first time to form relationships and win mandates.
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