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Hostplus was established in 1988 as the national industry superannuation fund for the hospitality, tourism, recreation and sport industries.Today, Hostplus is one of Australia’s largest and increasingly diversified funds with 1.77 million members and 301 thousand contributing employers.





Performance (%, 1YR)


Chief Executive

David Elia

Chief Investment Officer

Sam Sicilia


Damien Frawley

Asset allocation

21% Australian Shares

21% International Shares - Developed

8% International Shares - Emerging

11% Property

11% Infrastructure

10% Private Equity

7% Credit

3% Alternatives

3% Diversified Fixed Interest

5% Cash related articles
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Hostplus wins with illiquid assets

The $25 billion Australian retirement fund for hospitality workers is able to invest in illiquid assets such as infrastructure due to its young membership. The approach has led to top-ranked returns.

Australia’s pension funds cricitised

As the fifth round of Australia’s financial services royal commission came to a close, counsel assisting criticised many retirement savings funds for their retention strategies, conflicts of interest and other practices deemed not in members’ best interests.
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European distressed debt: investors divided by volatility

Last month hosted a thinktank with a group of influential Australian investors to discuss the opportunities in European distressed debt. Participants included the Australian Government’s $80 billion sovereign wealth Future Fund, the $68 billion QIC, and leading asset consultants, with guest speaker sir David Cooksey, former board member of the Bank of England, chairman […]
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Funds seek the elixir of scale

The investment firepower and cost savings promised by economies of scale have enraptured the Australian superannuation industry. This has instilled in some funds an urge to merge in order to enjoy the benefits of being large. However some investment chiefs believe that bigger size brings a new set of problems that can undermine performance.