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AP Fonden 4 (AP4)

AP4 was originally established in 1974 to manage part of Sweden’s public pension capital. At the time AP4 mainly invested in Swedish equities, but since the start of the new pension system in 2001, its investment assignment has broadened, and today AP4 invests in equities as well as in fixed income assets, both in Sweden and abroad. AP4 also invests in unlisted assets, such as property companies and infrastructure companies



AUM ($B)




Chief Executive

Niklas Ekvall


Sarah McPhee

Asset allocation
AP4's mission is through the management of fund capital to maximize shareholder value over time, thus contributing to the stability of the pension system

39.6% Global Equities

16.7% Swedish Equities

20% Global Fixed Income

10.6% Swedish Fixed Income

13.1% Real Assets related articles