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Managers’ impact reaches tipping point

Asset managers have a chance to really impact the real economy with their commitment to net zero. The Net Zero Asset Managers Initiative now has 73 signatories and one third of assets in the industry committed. It’s reached tipping point, says one of the initiatives’ founders Ed Mason.

The arithmetic of “all-in” investment expenses

In the January/February issue of the Financial Analysts Journal, Jack Bogle, founder and former chief executive of the Vanguard Group, looks at the “all-in” investment expenses including not only expense ratios byt transaction costs, sales loads and cash drag. He highlights, in particular, how damaging these costs can be over the long run, and reaffirms […]
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Size and scalability up, fees down

The world’s largest asset managers should be using the advantages of their size and scalability to adjust their fee structures, according to Craig Baker, the global head of manager research at Towers Watson, which just released this year’s Pensions & Investments/Towers Watson World 500. “The advantage of large managers is [that] they could structure their […]

The Active-Passive Debate: Bear Market Performance

In this paper by Vanguard Investment Counseling and Research, the performance of active funds in the US and Europe during the seven bear markets since 1970 is evaluated, revealing that the performance of certain market segments relative to the broad market may contribute more to outperformance than manager skill.