Building a sustainable portfolio

The property industry is the largest emitter of CO2. By making buildings more sustainable, we can help the environment and boost returns.

Robeco Climate Hub

Find out how asset owners are targeting positive climate outcomes with their investments.

Robeco Global Climate Survey

Robeco commissioned a survey that asked probing questions to more than 300 institutional, wholesale and insurance investors accounting for about 20% of global assets. The results have been both encouraging and an indication that much still needs to be done.

The Big Book of Climate Investing

To better inform investors and the wider public about the investing implications of global warming, Robeco launched a climate hub to cover all its major aspects. In five sections, we focused on the Urgency of facing climate change, the Challenges that it presents, the Responsibility we have to tackle it, the Opportunities it also brings, and the Solutions that are available.

How does ABP deal with the energy transition

In this position paper we give ABP’s view on the energy transition and show how this is reflected in our investments. This paper focuses on our investments in primary energy producers* and energy suppliers in the utilities sector.

ABP’s Sustainable and Responsible Investment Policy (2020-2025)

ABP wants to offer all our participants a good pension now and in the future – one they can enjoy in a livable world. That is why we carefully consider the return, risk, and cost, as well as the social responsibility and sustainability performance of each investment decision we make.

Measuring Portfolio Alignment

This report is an excellent critical assessment of the strengths and trade-offs of the options available to measure the alignment of investments with climate goals and is an important contribution to the debate.

World Energy Investment 2021

This year’s edition of the World Energy Investment report presents the latest data and analysis of how energy investment flows are recovering from the shock of the Covid-19 pandemic, including full-year estimates of the outlook for 2021.

The ESG investing industry is dangerous

An opinion piece from Robert Armstrong, Financial Times: “We’ve got big global problems. I am a capitalist red in tooth and claw, but I just can’t see how financial markets have a meaningful part to play in solving these problems until citizens and governments act first and decisively.”

Team ESG fights back

An opinion piece from Robert Armstrong, Financial Times: “My piece about Tariq Fancy and the case against ESG generated a great deal of mail. At least half of it was positive, mostly in the “thanks for pointing out that the emperor has no clothes” vein. A small minority made ad hominem attacks, which is even more encouraging for a journalist than praise.”

Investing for Net Zero

Economies, businesses and investors around the globe are joining the UN Race to Zero and committing to net zero 2050 targets. It is estimated that reaching net zero 2050 will require around $1-2 trillion of investment every year.

Why Electric Cars Can’t Come Fast Enough

The transition from the ICE age to the EV age over the coming decade will represent rapid change in most countries. But from an environmental perspective, the EV age isn’t coming fast enough.