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Campbell Harvey: cautiously optimistic

Campbell Harvey, Professor of Finance at Duke University, is optimistic there will be a vaccine developed in the fourth quarter of this year, a period where he also predicts a return to economic growth. However inflation is his biggest fear.

MMT: unemployment a policy choice

Unemployment is a policy choice, according to Professor Bill Mitchell, the father of Modern Monetary Theory (MMT). He says there is no reason that unemployment should be at the current levels. He adds that if non-government spending falls or collapses, like what is happening now, then the government deficit needs to float upwards. It's as simple as that.

Singer bets on Europe, emerging markets

William Blair's, head of dynamic allocation strategies, Brian Singer is looking to invest in Europe and emerging markets as the recovery from the global economic shutdown to contain the pandemic will likely take longer than what the market has priced in.

What is the virus world order?

Professor Stephen Kotkin stops to consider the rollercoaster ride in politics, leadership and policy making that we have seen globally over the past few months. Who will win? What does the future look like? And how will the global economy restructure for survival?

New AA model prioritises liquidity

Singapore’s sovereign wealth fund GIC and PGIM, one of the world’s largest asset managers, have collaborated to develop a world-first asset allocation framework that explicitly models the impact of private assets on total portfolio liquidity, incorporating both the top-down allocation view and the bottom-up cash flow view.