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School Employees Retirement System of Ohio (OHSERS)

The School Employees Retirement System of Ohio (SERS) was established in 1937 with the mission to provide its membership with valuable lifetime pension benefit programs and services. In fiscal year 2020, SERS served 156,579 active, contributing members and 80,851 benefit recipients. SERS paid out over $1.4 billion in pension and health care reimbursements of which more than $1.3 billion was returned to Ohio’s economy. SERS is a defined benefit public pension plan. This means that SERS provides a specific, lifetime pension benefit based on a member’s age, amount of service credit, and average of the member’s highest three years of salary


United States

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Chief Executive

Richard Stensrud

Chief Investment Officer

Farouki Majeed


Barbara Phillips

Asset allocation
Global Equities (48.4%), Global Private Equity (10.2%), Global Fixed Income (14.8%), Global Private credit (2.7%), Global Real Assets (14.7%), Opportunistic Investments (4.5%), Cash Equivalents (4.7%)

46.5% Global equities

11.4% Global private equity

14.7% Global fixed income

3.0% Global private credit

15.4% Global real assets

4.6% Opportunitic & tactical investments

4.4% Cash equivalents related articles
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Debt concerns drive Ohio allocations

Farouki Majeed is worried about the future. His concerns are centred around the implications of the enormous US federal debt; the global competitiveness of the US and Chinese economies; inflation; and the potential erosion of the value of the US dollar.
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Hedge funds pruned again

The $12.5 billion School Employees Retirement System of Ohio plans to cut its hedge fund allocation, which struggled last year. However, CIO Farouki Majeed says the asset class is bouncing back.
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Stanford professors challenge thinking

Investors were challenged to think differently about their portfolios by the latest academic thinking from Stanford University at a one-day investment roundtable in California last week. Chief investment officers from US public and corporate pension funds, endowments and foundations convened at Menlo Park, the home of Stanford University, for a one-day investment think-tank. Three finance […]
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