To open the conference this session will outline the key considerations for investors in building a resilient portfolio.

This session will examine the biggest risks to the stability of the international financial system and the global macro economic environment.

The COVID-19 pandemic brought on one of the shortest recessions in history. Now, as global economies reopen, high levels of exuberance may indicate that there is an inflection point in capital markets. This intimate conversation with the chief executive of one of the world’s largest and most diversified investment managers looks at the outlook for inflation, increased allocations to private markets against the backdrop of negative real yields, and other key considerations in positioning portfolios for the future.

Trends investing is not about going with the flow but anticipating the flow, looking ahead to the next decade, at the economy, society and planet. This session will explore how to decipher a theme from a trend, what the impact of trends might be on the economy and how to identify the winners.

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted the way we work and live in unprecedented ways that are impacting how we consume. These thematics – including the increased use of technology, working from home, and online shopping – are acute in the real estate sector. This session will examine what this means for the asset class opportunities and risks as well as learnings for the whole portfolio. How investors can best combine listed and unlisted opportunities, and balance liquidity, will also be considered.

This exclusive fireside chat will examine the portfolio strategy of one of the world’s largest and most sophisticated sovereign wealth funds.

The COVID crisis ushered in the paradigm shift to the MP3 world, characterized by the unprecedented combination of fiscal and monetary policy responses around the globe. In the time since, there has been an emergence of geographic and economic divergences that haven't been seen in over a decade. This session will look at how those divergences might play out and what the expectations from the global economy might be going forward.

Investors are constantly looking at what the next drivers of growth will be, where they will be located, and who will benefit from them. Technology is enabling growth across the world, but what differentiates the hundreds of companies headed for mediocrity or failure from the few that will excel? And how much more room is there to grow?

1:00pm - 1:15pm

Joining live from Glasgow, chief executive of the PRI, Fiona Reynolds, will update investors on the COP26 meetings including the key considerations of “finance day”.

This session will examine what the world will look with an energy system dominated by wind and solar and specifically examine the implications on energy system pricing, access and risks for consumers and investors.

This session will explore how the private credit market has evolved, what it’s role in broad fixed income portfolios will be in the future and what return premium investors should expect as they move further out the risk spectrum.

The portfolio of the future requires different thinking which will mean embracing diversity. This session will look at the importance of diversity in bring out innovation in thinking, processes and operational best practice.

This session will draw on themes of the conference and discuss with asset owners what the portfolios of the future will look like, particularly examining how investors plan to build robust portfolios to meet changing investment regimes.