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Church of England Pension Board

The Church of England Pension Board provides retirement housing and pensions, set by the Church of England, for those who have served or worked for the Church. The Pension Board assists over 41,000 people across almost 700 employers and manage funds in excess of £3 billion.


United Kingdom

AUM ($B)




Chief Executive

John Ball

Chief Investment Officer

Michael Pratten


Clive Mather

Asset allocation
As of the December 31, 2020 asset allocation was as follows: Public Equities (47.7%), Index-linked Gifts (17.5%), Infrastructure (11.7%), Property (7.4%), Private Debt (4.9%), Cash (3.6%), Corporate Bonds (2.8%), Emerging Market Debt (2.6%), Private Equity (0.8%), Currency Hedges (0.7%), Alternative Income Assets (0.4%)

47.7% Public Equities

17.5% Index-linked Gifts

11.7% Infrastructure

7.4% Property

4.9% Private Debt

3.6% Cash

2.8% Corporate Bonds

2.6% Emerging Market Debt

0.8% Private Equity

0.7% Currency Hedges

0.4% Alternative Income Assets related articles

UK funds focus on manager diversity

A group of major UK pension funds have committed to assessing diversity and inclusion as part of manager selection. Fund managers wanting to work with these clients will have to disclose information and demonstrate real devotion on how they are tackling diversity and inclusion within their workforce. 

The qualities of successful stewardship

The Investor Mining & Tailings Safety Initiative, chaired by the Church of England Pensions Board and the Swedish Council of Ethics of the AP Funds has won the PRI Stewardship Project of the Year Award. The initiative reveals the qualities of successful stewardship.
PRI in Person

Shell and shareholders chart evolution

At PRI in Person Sylvia van Waveren, director, active ownership at Robeco, and Adam Mathews, director of ethics and engagement at The Church of England’s Pensions Board sat down with Ben van Beurden, CEO of Royal Dutch Shell to chart their journey of dialogue and evolution that resulted in the oil giant setting carbon emissions targets linked to executive pay.
Asset Owner Directory
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