Sustainability Digital – March 2021

Sustainability in the time of Covid-19

2020 underlined just how closely connected the world is. The pandemic broke out in a market in China but quickly spread to the rest of the world. The health crisis soon escalated into a serious economic crisis – a crisis of which we still do not know the full consequences of. Being able to act quickly and safely in a changing world is more important than ever. Many of PensionDanmark’s members and companies have endured periods of lockdown, and jobs have been lost as a consequence. The hotel and restaurant industry, the transport industry and the many employees at Denmark’s airports have been particularly hard hit. Many of the companies that were not shut down had to implement restrictions and other measures to protect themselves against COVID-19.
Throughout the crisis, we stayed focused on our core mission:

Enable our members to have a long and productive working life and give them a financially secure retirement. Our highly digitalised and automated work processes – combined with the responsible and professional conduct of our employees – proved to be key assets in those periods when most of our employees had to work from home. Our call centre operated smoothly with response times of just a few seconds, web service traffic was record-high, and our investment team was busier than ever.

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