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Fund “heads in sand” on climate risk

An Australian superannuation fund with A$6.6 billion ($6.9 billion) under management has achieved number-one ranking in a global survey of how the world’s top 1000 retirement funds, insurance companies and sovereign wealth funds are responding to climate risk. Sydney-based Local Government Super (LGS) has received the top ranking in the inaugural Climate Index of the […]

SWFs in real estate

The 800-pound gorilla of the real estate market, sovereign wealth funds, is increasingly exercising its muscle by investing directly in property as a way of cutting fees and potentially achieving better returns, new research finds. The latest snapshot of sovereign wealth funds’ interest in property by alternative-asset researcher Preqin shows that 85 per cent of […]

US property returns forecast to fall

Despite institutional investors predicting that returns for property will fall over the next two years, high-quality, core US real estate remains an attractive investment opportunity, says Greg MacKinnon, the head of research at the Public Real Estate Association.

Property derivatives for managing European real estate risk

This paper, “Property Derivatives for Managing European Real-Estate Risk,” co-authored by Frank Fabozzi from the Yale School of Management,  Robert J. Shiller from Yale, and  Radu Tunaru from the Cass Business School was recently awarded the European Financial Management Best Paper Award.