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GMO’s Grantham bets against irrational markets

Supposedly long-term investors typically have the patience to wait about three years to see if an investment strategy will pay-off with managers needing to manage to their own and their client’s career risk tolerance, investment icon and Grantham, Mayo and van Otterloo (GMO) founder Jeremy Grantham says. In his quarterly letter to investors, Grantham says […]
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Keynes and the character required for a long-term view

In the interests of educating myself I recently read Chapter 12 “The State of Long-Term Expectations” in John Maynard Keynes’ seminal economics tome General Theory. I particularly like his statement: “it needs more intelligence to defeat the forces of time and our ignorance of the future than to beat the gun”, but then I’ve always […]
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Callan sticks to the long-term knitting

Unfortunately, from a journalist’s point of view at least, there is nothing new or radical about the investment principles that president and head of research at Callan, Greg Allen (pictured), is touting. He says investors should stick with the status quo of long-term, stable strategic asset allocation regardless of the recent market turmoil challenging investors.