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Sustainability Oxford 2023

Impact investors, be wary of labeled bonds

Clarity around capital allocation and defined investment frameworks have made labeled bonds a lucrative opportunity for many impact investors. However, Oyin Oduya, impact measurement and management practice leader at the $1 trillion Wellington Management said the reality is not that straightforward.
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NZ Super revamps factor portfolios, continues impact journey

NZ Super has revamped its multi-factor equities portfolios, working with its three external managers to integrate sustainability. Amanda White spoke to head of external investments, Del Hart, about the fine balance of meeting sustainability goals and finding factor alpha, and the next phase of the sustainability strategy: measuring investments for impact.
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NZ Super culls equities, focuses on impact

New Zealand Super has radically slashed the holdings in its passive equities portfolio as it re-aligns the portfolio with a Paris-aligned benchmark. It’s part of the fund’s shift to a sustainable finance focus which includes improving the fund’s already-good ESG profile and a more long-term future focus on impact investing.