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FIS Digital – June 2020

COVID-19 highlights human rights

The financial system will play a critical role in enabling economic recovery, development and contributing to wider societal well-being, including a focus on human rights. The PRI is working with investors to ensure that the financial sector contributes to, not detracts from, more inclusive societies. A world post COVID-19 needs to ensure the recovery respects both the boundaries of the planet and the rights of its people.
Harvard 2019

NYC Retirement Systems’ S in ESG

Speaking at the Fiduciary Investors Symposium at Harvard University, John Adler, mayor’s trustee and advisor to the other mayoral appointees at New York City’s $200 billion five retirement systems, highlighted the critical role investors play in protecting workers’ rights and ensuring a just transition as the global economy adapts to the implications of climate change.

RFK Human Rights achievements

President of Robert F Kennedy Human Rights, Kerry Kennedy, welcomed delegates to its 2019 investor conference by outlining some of the milestones achieved by the organization in the past year. These include criminal legal system reform; suing Colombia on behalf of a journalists’ family; and major advancements in farm workers’ rights.