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Behind the long-horizon equities mandate at The Pensions Trust

How to implement long-term ideology is one of the enduring questions for investors. Unilever UK Pension Fund, The Pensions Trust and the Environment Agency Pension Fund have collectively allocated $750 million to the start-up, Ownership Capital, for its long-horizon engagement-focused strategy. For The Pensions Trust chief investment officer, the decision to allocate to a specialist […]
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The Pension Trust: many schemes, one trust

“We are slightly unusual,” admits David Adkins, chief investment officer of The Pensions Trust (TPT), the £5.5-billion ($8.7-billion) pension fund founded after the end of World War II to provide retirement benefits for social workers. Talking from the trust’s Moorgate headquarters in London, Adkins explains how its umbrella structure has grown to provide pensions for […]

Low vol strategies
can go global

S&P Dow Jones Indices’ researchers take a closer look at the long-term effectiveness of low volatility strategies in this paper. Aye Soe, S&P’s director of index research and design, analyses the low-volatility effect in the US equity market, with a focus on the common properties of various low-volatility strategies. Drawing from the extensive academic literature […]
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Average is OK in active management

At times when markets are moving around more than usual, such as in the past three years, institutional investors tend to pay more concern to the value of active management. New global figures from Mercer show that while they should be concerned there is still value to be found in active management.